San Diego's Lyft hourly guaranttee


Actually better than Silicon Valley's latest. This week's offer was $25/hr, but with a 2 ride/hr inside the zone, 3 outside. Ain't gonna happen either way during commute congestion. I used to opt-in and qualify regularly when it was $30-$40/hr, 1 ride inside and 2 outside but not anymore...


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Half of SF.
Not sure if you're hoping to get SD's while you are visiting, but just a heads up.. You probably won't. My pay statements with Uber months after I had been switched to an SF driver were calculated using the LA guaranteed rates for trips in SF. Which was shat.

It may be different for you, doubtful they will "miscalculate" for the guarantee in your favor at the SF rate since trips won't originate here & UberMath only works to their advantage.


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Not this week. Probably has something to do with the complete avoidance of them last week (at a pathetic $35/hr over the weekend) that I did get.
Nothing here either, but I have the sneaking suspicion they aren't doing guaranteed hours this week. In fact, they RARELY do. Surely someone on this board would chime in and say they got an offer, but it happens sparingly.

They're dealing with new pdb payouts this week anyways, of which I'll be hitting.

I hate driving Friday and Saturday between 6pm and 130am. Bunch of shorties and no surge, not exactly the best strategy on lyft. But it's exhausting and $5 payouts are no fun with all the different personalities to deal with and constant threat of vomit, good for peak hours tho. And that time of night is notorious for no tipping.