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San Antonio $ versus Austin $ Peak Times

Discussion in 'San Antonio' started by Tony Soprano, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. For those with experience, is there a real difference in the income you've actually made driving Thurs-Fri-Sat peak night times in Austin versus the same days and times in San Antonio?

    On Halloween weekend these were my "online" times and take-home $:

    Thursday, October 29 8:30pm through October 30 3:00am: $69.18

    Friday October 30 9:30pm through October 31 3:30am: $80.46

    Saturday October 31 9:30pm (late start due to my full time job restrictions) through November 1 5:13am: $128.77

    My total take home was $278.41

    I worked completely in San Antonio starting in the medical center area but most of my trips were from downtown. My shortest trip was 4 minutes (1.6 miles) and the longest was 30 minutes long (19.4miles).

    I am trying to gauge of its financially beneficial to me to work weekends in Austin instead of San Antonio. I appreciate any helpful constructive advice or experience you have to offer.

    I don't rely on Uber as a full time income but I do want to maximize my profit for the time I do work.

    Bada Bing!

    Tony Soprano.
  2. texasm203


    San Antonio, TX
    Mr Soprano,

    First, my regards to the family. Second, you didn't miss much on the 31st. I was out at 7:30 PM and my take home was only $140.00 after expenses. I'm new, so I don't have much else to offer. Just didn't want you feeling like you missed out. However, you did well if your shortest trip was only 1.6 miles. I had a couple on the 31st that were 2 blocks.
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  3. BobbyATX



    Austin is condensed compared to San Antonio. I get much longer rides in SA. Most rides in Austin are 2 miles from 6th street to west campus and back on weekends. So if you don't mind being a shuttle for rambunctious UT college students who piss, puke and spill beer Austin is sub par.
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  4. Thanks for welcoming me to the boards. The Soprano family appreciates your kind words and sends you their regards.

    Your replies were very helpful. If anyone has additional input, I guarantee you the Soprano family will not "whack" anyone.

    -Tony Soprano
  5. Yugotrobbed


    When I drive in Austin I double my work load. 20 to 30 trips a day for 8 hours. Usually around 150 - 200 dollars. But san Antonio I have half as many trips with the same outcome. There is a lot more area and longer trips.
  6. HDE09


    San Antonio
    In Austin the trips are really short and to make up for the short trips there a lot of surge pricing going on but when you factor in the gas it takes to drive there and the time. Your better off staying in San Antonio unless you are going to spend the night for a couple of days there.
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  7. driver_dude


    Avoid staging near the SA medical center in the early mornings - short rides. One time I picked up a passenger that was going across the street to work at USAA. Very time consuming.
  8. driver_dude


    If anyone feels like driving to another city to work, plan on working there a twelve hour shift - that's the best way to make some money. Work it and stay logged on. That way, you might smile on the way to the bank.

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