Same Pax Pick Up 3 Different Time In One Night


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So I thought I'll share this story because I find it very interesting to pick up the same pax 3 different time in one night. Last night I pick up 2 girl around Roseville, drop them off in DT around 11pm. Than pick up the same pax almost at 1am somewhere near Maclaester-Groveland and drop them off 2 miles at a bar. 30 min later, I got a ping for the same pax at the bar I just drop them off earlier and drove them home. Consider that there are lot more driver out last night, I end up picking and dropping off the same pax on 3 different time in one night. This happen to anyone before?


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I've had the same passenger twice in a row before, but that's not so unusual I suppose. I took them to a Walgreen's and got a ping about 30 minutes later to pick them up there again.

I've had a few passengers more than once days or weeks apart, usually on the same route....home to work. And there's one guy who I've taken 3-4 times from the Franklin Riverside area to a hotel downtown where he works. He doesn't ever seem to recognize me as a repeat driver, but his pin always drops in the wrong place from where he lives and he always want to go a particular route that's different from Uber's map to where he works.