Salt Lake City under a curfew til 6am Monday 😱


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JFC, who would have thought we would have made national news for a moron with a bow and arrow show up and start to threaten people with it? Glad they knocked some sense into his head


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Protests happing again, curfew in place 8pm-6am every night until next Monday.😱😱


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Glad I'm in Utah County :p

On another note, I've spent a lot of my life dissing Utah prior to moving here 3 years ago. But they seem to have done COVID right, and now these protests they squashed that crap pretty fast before it got out of hand. NYC, a week in with this mess, and STILL having looters!!!!!! Watched them loot Macy's last night. Idiots treating this with kids gloves thinking people just need to let off steam. Only empowering people.