Safety check in OLA


Anyone could explain me what is that.

Where?? $$$??

When im sign for ola 1 year ago.. nobody ask me for this.

Any help .

Thanks guys.

Im already call ola.. of course the agents couldnt explain me properly..



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They are clowns ...sign up for Dudu...

But if it helps I used the uber safety check which cost about 30-40$...used to be free


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Well others here probably know better but my guess is either a pink slip ( local mechanic) or other rideshare safety check ...

If U have previously signed up for uber ....use help to ask for a copy ...I did that the first time for ola...uber at first said no...but I was persistent pointing out I had a right to my own cars documents and they relented..

Second time after had to pay for the uber check they gave me a physical copy which I used for Volva and Dudu...excuse spelling still recovering from tropic thunder