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Safe Driver Fees, now that sounds about right.

Discussion in 'Pay' started by Uberduberdoo, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Uberduberdoo


    Additions are welcome. With a "Safe Driver Fee" or SDF a 1$ base fee plus .10 cents a mile, added to the fare, drivers would be compensated for but not limited to:
    1. An extra $1.10 for the 1 mile ride.
    2. That empty return trip.
    3. Marketing efforts.
    4. Air fresheners.
    5. Car washes.
    6. Four minute forty five second canceled rides.
    7. Holding the release of flatulence for extended periods of time.
    8. Barf Bags.
    9. Rubber gloves.
    10. Water bottles.
    11. Undeserving of low ratings.
    12. Probationary periods for low ratings.
    13. The no tip policy.
    14. Fuel surcharge.
    15. Waiting for the riders friend.
    16. Holding our tongue.
    17. Searching for riders that are not at the pick up spot.
    18. Being at the mercy of the riders review.
    19. Sanitizer, hand and air.
    20. When a riders phone does not accept calls.
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  2. I hate when riders are nowhere in sight and their phone goes to voice mail.
    At that point they are 30 seconds away from cancelation.
  3. Uberduberdoo


    Yeah, at this point with the rate drops every passenger is 30 Seconds away from cancelation. My mission is to cancel every short ride and I'll do it in their face. Won't start the trip til I find out where their going. I always call to find out and if no answer, they get the live cancelation If it's a shorty, "sorry sir I'm canceling the trip"... oh why is that they ask.... "because uber cut my pay by 30% and on your particular trip I lose money" "if you would like to make some other arrangements I'm all in" "if not please step away from the car I'm pulling away"
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