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Ruling by the EDD: Former Uber driver was employee

Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by Gemgirlla, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. "The California Employment Development Department (EDD) determined that a former Uber driver in Southern California was an employee, not an independent contractor as the company has claimed, and the decision was upheld twice after Uber appealed by both an administrative law judge and the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board."

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  2. Liquid


    So Cal
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  3. It does set precedent for future claims with the California EDD. Sorry Uber :)
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  4. TwoFiddyMile


    Only formal or binding precident will be Uber classified as an employer who lacks unemployment insurance, and is qualified to pay out of pocket.
  5. SCdave


    LA / OC
    Is this Uber Spokeswoman response from a High School Intern or someone actually paid by Uber? Just thinking out loud.
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  6. Even my American is better...
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  7. Not Me

    Not Me

    Los Angeles, CA
    Like Palin said "Speak American" you dumb ****. "You ain't know nothing" "get an education".

    On another subject, I'm surprised people still pay attention to ignorant Sarah Palin. "I can see Russia from my house". "I read all them magazines 'n newspapers every day" but I can't name one of them!
    - My daughter got pregnant - twice - while still unmarried, but I'm a "Christian Conservative Old Fashion Republican! "
    Talk about a 4-way hypocritical bang banger!

    I'm not against Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Libertarians, LGBT, Red, white blue, NRA, tree-hugging, etc. But don't be a hypocrite!
    Same with those defending KKK Kim from Kentucky. She can be all Christian, but not while holding a public office for which she took an oath to uphold the laws of the USA and her State.
    What if Kim had been Mohammed and didn't want to give drivers licenses to women in Kentucky because his faith told him women don't drive, etc. - True **** in many Muslim countries.

    OK, enough ranting for one day. "Turn on your Uber driver app and start writing your own checks - Yeah, 'cause Uber won't cover your real checks!" LOL
  9. Not Me

    Not Me

    Los Angeles, CA
    DriverishDriverish I know it's a joke. Just making fun of Palin and her language skills. She speaks American and understands a bit of Ebonics.
  10. Oh. Shame on me. Please accept my deepest apologies . 5 stars for you and $ 10 tip.
  11. Not MeNot Me I think you need a vacation :)
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