Round and round with support :(


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Over July 4th weekend I was notified that I would not be able to pick up in Virginia due to 3 infractions in the last 3 years. I have no infractions anywhere. After 2 weeks of driving only in DC/MD,a crapload of deadhead hours driving back to those areas after dropping off in VA, and 32 (I'm not even joking) emails support finally understood what I was talking about and restored my access. Yesterday, it appears the same thing happened. I emailed them again very plainly asking them to restore my access...the response I got 4 hours later is that I need to make sure my phone isn't on silent. Sigh. I can't even with these people anymore.

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They are copy and paste people they slow I set a screen shot of the problem and all 5 different people still saying they need the trip info so they didn't have to fix it
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I'm currently dealing with what seems to be a little 'sleight of hand' by the oh so great outsourced customer service. I had a trip that I asked them to adjust the tolls on because the client offered to pay on the way through the booths. Man they got this trip so convoluted now that I don't think a quantum physicist could make this equation correct. They definitely aren't paying me anywhere near what they are supposed to and of course so many hands are on the ball that it's totally screwed up.

I took screen shots and sent them in....waiting...

it's not Rocket Surgery people!