Rocket, Missile or UFO ? Los Angeles (9-24-17)


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It was an Atlas rocket launching up a spy satellite from Vanderberg AFB on Saturday, 10:30pm. Atlas is a big rocket, which means the payload is big.

It was visible in Los Angeles in the NW skies.


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It was a rocket bringing a spy satellite into space. Saw it on the news this morning.
Yea read that too ... Super Secret Spy Satalite

so secret, they told us all about it!

Maybe it will track and target "Little Rocket Man". Pinpoint him so S. Korea can drop a nice bomb on his head.

S Korea tested and showed they can hit the target. Hope they can locate Little Rocket Man and:

Free the starving masses in North Korea ... Little Rocket Man looks like he eats enough himself to feed a good part of that Nation.
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