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Uber will keep reducing rates and gradually phasing out human drivers, replacing them with Robo-Cars. Why is this? Because they can. Face it, the main problem with Uber is the drivers attitudes and problems, and making Uber a Robo driver-less People mover will be a 5 Star move for them. When will this happen? within 5 to 8 years. Uber needs riders, however they do NOT need drivers. Lol

Winston Smith

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I'm a big technology believer, but robocars are thing of a distant future. I'll feel safer in a flying car than in a surface robot car riding next to idiot drivers. Good luck with that Uber and Google!


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I will be dead long before Robo-Cars are permitted... UBER won't have the money later to by all "Robo-Car Tech" if their are no drivers now to pay for it's future... Keep Dreaming!