Roanoke driver in DC?


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Hi everyone! I'm just getting started with UBER. I'm wondering is there really enough work to go around to drivers here or do some of you have to drive outside Roanoke/Blacksburg, and if so, do you have to get prior approval to do so? I'm thinking that a larger city like Washington, DC may be more profitable, but I could be wrong??


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We're only eligible to drive Roanoke - Blacksburg - Lynchburg

Not true. You can drive anywhere in Roanoke. I have drove in Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Williamsburg, Hampton, Va Beach, DC, Ashburn, and Reston. You can drive anywhere in the state. I've heard JMU is good.


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I drove in DC last summer. I'm typically a Roanoke/Blacksburg driver. One thing you will not be able to do in DC is Uber pool; regs in Roanoke don't allow it. Most drivers hate Uber pool so it's not a bad thing, really. A major issue with DC is finding a place to stay which is affordable. I camped. If you have someone to crash with, even better. Remember that although surge can go through the roof up there and there are plenty of folks willing to pay, we get payed more per mile than per minute, and in DC traffic that can present difficulties. I once got a fare at 3x surge and had to take the pax 2.5 miles. That 2.5 miles took me 45 minutes. Not worth my effort. I wised up eventually and discovered the best place to wait for a ride is outside Reagan National. They have a nice parking area and you're pretty much guaranteed a ride if you wait 15-30 minutes, and they're typically a fair distance since they're oftentimes coming home from some business trip. Hope this helps.