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Hi Guys,

First post on here. Looking for some advice, and to see if anybody has run into the same issue with Uber and what action they may have taken.

So I started taking rides about 4 months ago. I was well aware of the perks of referrals rewards, for both drivers and riders. Uber just launched on my island in Hawaii, so lots of first time riders. So the new rider referral incentive looked very appealing as that was $5 cash reward for all first time riders that redeemed my code. So I made sure that I gave those suckers out! Over time,I started getting the emails about riders redeeming the codes and rewards being issued. It took a while, but I noticed I was not getting my $5 cash rewards on my statements.

Uber very clearly advertises that driver partner issued rider referrals are unique in which they get $5 cash rewards "instead"of free rides.

So at this point I decide to contact Uber help desk... This is where the madness began. The string of emails seems to go on forever. Everytime, I get a reply it's a new person giving a very clear canned response.Saying over and over again that "When riders redeem your referral code you get free rides"... I kept telling them I'm a driver-partner and should be getting $5 cash instead. However everytime they reply, it's a new person sending the another canned response. I sent the above links, gave the quotes and still have gotten nowhere. At one point, one of them said that since I also had a "rider" account I was instead issued free rides. I thought this was nuts. I presume, 95% of drivers also have a rider account. The referral code is the exact same for the rider and driver account. I issued these as a driver partner, they were redeemed after I started as a driver partner and I expect them to honor the reward promised as driver partners.

I seem to be getting nowhere with support which seem to have no training on what their website even says.

Anybody run into this? What did you do to resolve?

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Quit, or take it like a good minion...

Those are the only options.

Sorry but this is how uber works... yesterdays promise/ad is tomorrows ancient history, and who knows what they will do today.


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I think I only ever got a $2 reward and only once.

Lyft codes on the other hand are $10 cash.