RIP High surge (3.5x+) at Rams games


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I thought everyone just got tired of drivers not coming in to pick them up so they all walked a mile away to order instead.


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It had more to do with the blowout. It was surging for like the entire 2nd half. High surge comes when everyone leaves at once.
Ding ding ding ding!! You have to follow the game ... if it's close it may be good.

This game was a blow out EARLY so pax trickle out.

Surprised it surged that high.

Come on , it's really not that hard to figure out. I didn't bother going


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Took this while working tonight. This pic illustrates Ubers new strategy to LURE drivers to pick up pax from major events w/o having to pay them higher surge. This was taken tonight at the Day N Night Fest at Angel stadium. It was the same thing last night and Friday night as well.

They capped the surge here at around 2-2.5 (its at 1.8 in the pic) but then surrounded the event with high surges. All that red is in the 3.5-4x range so people will obviously come running.

Last night I went into one of the 4x areas and went online thinkin I could make some nice money. Ended up getting 15 straight requests to drive 10-12 mins to pick up 2x's at the event. I said no to every one of them but they just kept coming one after the other before I said forget it and logged off.

So they're luring in drivers with high surge only to bombard you with low surge event rides when you go online nearby.
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Attendance was only 60,000 vs last year's 90,000. Same thing for USC. Only 78,000 showed up, of which 10,000 walked across the street.