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Ridiculously short rides


Like I said this is some funny sh**. I don't know how you guys do it. I have a lot of respect for you people. If somebody and I don't care who they are did one tenth of read on these forms I would flip out!

Don't sell yourself short. You guys are smarter than most of the people that work down at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I would love to see somebody slammed the door of my car.

The more I read looks like some people figured out that all these ride-sharing companies do is suck the equity out of your car and you get idiots asking for chicken for 6 bucks :/



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Wow! You guys scare me. Being disabled, I really can't walk that far. I'd tip any driver that picked me up, but it seems many/most here would destroy my rating regardless of circumstance.
I don’t know your situation, but as your comment pertains to the woman in the OP,
once she got dropped at Popeyes, she lost any right to claim she couldn’t walk for health reasons. If you’re fat and you have some sort of health condition that’s exacerbated(and was most likely caused) by your obesity, like a bum knee, you shouldn’t be eating Popeyes. And let’s not kid ourselves into believing that her walking across the street would’ve made a difference. She’d have to walk a hundred miles to burn off even the smallest Popeye’s combo.
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If short rides paid $5 or $6, I would not mind them at all. $2-$3 is not enough money to drive anyone anywhere!!!!
Yeah, they really should boost up the minimums since we are often driving farther to pick them up than we do when they are in the car.

Still, I am leery of judging someone for a short ride. One of the shortest I had was a young, athletic-looking dude who went about a half mile (but it probably would have been shorter to walk, cutting through alleys and whatnot). I was surprised he would bother, but then it occurred to me:

(1) It was late at night on a weekday
(2) It was a quiet, mostly white residential neighborhood
(3) He was a young black male wearing a hoodie

And it all made sense :frown:


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Anyone else notice Lyft not showing pickup location on what turns out to be short rides. Yesterday while using DF going home I got a ride with the pickup location not showing (usually the location pin will show an address or business name). It ended up being a grocery store pickup going 2 miles to no surprise, but I chose not to waste a cancel here. It made me wonder if Lyft intentionally hides pickup locations from places they know many drivers are likely to avoid, like if they know that we know it’s a likely short ride.


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Diagonally across an intersection, from a storage place, to a Jack in the Box. Not kidding.

Homie G

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Only tip I was interested in when I dropped her off was free chicken and looking at her I knew I wasn’t getting any... :rolleyes:
?? You couldn't get any from her? Wow dude. Better luck to you. Did you get ant chicken anyways?


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I am now in search of these fares. Lyft promotion is 2o rides guarantee $155, I want only $3 non surge rides, I have monday through thursday night, so far 1 ride it was $5.66, damn it.


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You ever have someone who was lost and couldn't find a location, so they called for a ride to get there? I have...

Route was too short and it kept asking me if I was cancelling the ride because it wasn't far enough from pickup location. Luckily the lady told me it was ok to drive a few blocks to close it out.
I had a guy come out of a bar one night, asked me how much it would cost to drive him around town to find his car? he couldn't remember where he parked it?????? ROFLMAO,jmo


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I'm disabled too. I have a nasty little heart condition as well as massive nerve damage in my left knee. I admit that I really get annoyed when perfectly capable people get a ride to go a block or so. But I never give them a low rating for it, after all, it was my choice to pick them up.
We could be twins as I have exactly the same disability and issues. And like you, I never down rate someone for a short ride as I decided to pick it up and I appreciate it when drivers give me short rides; however, I always tip at least $5 cash and if it’s a really short ride, less than a mile I’ll tip $10 cash- which has helped me keep my 4.9 pax rating over 100 rides in 3 years.


Would have been much funnier if she had ordered the Uber to get to the 24-Hour Fitness so she wouldn't have to walk it....:p:p:p
I’ve done that before when the gym was a mile away. I did it because I woke up late and had to be there by a certain time and would’ve been late if I walked but the irony wasn’t lost on me. lol.


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Wow! You guys scare me. Being disabled, I really can't walk that far. I'd tip any driver that picked me up, but it seems many/most here would destroy my rating regardless of circumstance.
As long as you tip in cash you really have nothing to worry about.