Ridiculous Prime now orders


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What are some of the most ridiculous orders you have seen in your station?

I One saw a 71 case of lacroix order to a single place, where the driver was unable to fit all the cases, and the dispatch team had to give the order to a driver that had a white van.

But Today i saw the most ridiculous order yet. it was 127 cases of water to a single place. Even the dispatch team was laughing at how insane the order was. they mentioned they did not know what to do with the order because it would need to be split into about 5 drivers or a truck, and that by doing so only 1 driver would get the tips.


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127 cases of water (24 - 16.9floz bottle per case = 29 lbs) * 29 lbs = 3683 lbs. No cars or SUV can carry nearly 2 tons of water. No one in their right mind is going to do that.


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someone ordered over 200 cases of water today for an event in Fort Mason .. they had to beg multiple drivers to take as much as they could and had them do round trips til it was all delivered.

dunno how they're gonna split the tip on that one (if there was a tip at all) and I'll never understand why Amazon doesn't limit the amount people can order.


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My warehouse limits any item to 10.
This would help but unfortunately people order different brands of water and soda and you could end up with a hundred cases. Amazon's not smart enough to put a weight limit?


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And you did? Just admit that you forgot you were comparing volume to mass. Adding packaging adds about 102 lbs. so 3450 vs 3683.

Not to burst your bubble, I wasn't comparing volume to mass. You assumed I did. I was just using the weight of a case of water which I based of from here.