Ridesharing Soldier who shot Austin protester Garrett Foster reveals identity, claims self defense

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So i watched the interview,

The guy with the assault rifle was using a front sling, it would take .25 seconds to point it at someone, his hands were all over the rifle during the interview. There's ways to carry a rifle without looking menancing, dippy was doing the exact opposite and got himself a darwin award.

I am not an advocate of ever using a tactical gun sling such as the one he was using prior to the incident, there's too much room for misunderstandings. And misunderstandings get you shot.

If you really want to open carry a rifle just do it over the shoulder,

That's not how i would passively carry a rifle through a military base, that's how i would sling the rifle getting out of the humvee before taking cover behind something because someone is shooting at us.

Open carry is not something that i will ever advocate. It's dangerous, and someone will freak the heck out.

You see this? Scary, Menacing, 1/4 seconds from shooting something. This unnerves people and intimidates them, psychologically you want this at checkpoints, power, readiness.

THIS is the time and the place to carry like this, this is the situation that this equipment was designed for

THIS is how i would recommend carrying a rifle out of your house into your pickup truck on the way to go hunting, or carry a rifle while your walking through the woods and haven't spotted Bambi. Any of these, you can shift around between them and if someone tries to take the rifle it's secured over your shoulder.

"Oh it's a guy with a gun that's just walking through the woods...Hey i bet he's going hunting...

Is he menacing anyone? No...

Does this guy make you nervous?

This is how i recommend carrying a fire arm in public...


He doesn't have a fire arm?

Well... That's my point.
For all you know that model has a concealed fire arm, but you can't see it, you don't even know it's there.

Of these 4 pictures which of them makes you want to dive behind something for take cover and call 911?

Which of them is a picture from presumably a war zone with mil spec equipment and uniformed combatants?

There's a time and a place for this equipment,

On an actual battlefield,

And taking stupid pics of yourself in your living room to put on your reddit about fire-arms.

Do i have this stuff?

Yes, yes i do. I might need it one day if a full blown civil war breaks out and the rebels start storming disney world.

But mine stays locked up in my gunsafe, when i take it to the range i transfer it to a locked hardcase and carry it into the rifle range in my arms, i do my shooting, and then clear the chamber and carry it back to my car in a locked hardcase and drive it straight home.

I don't do this..