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Rideshare Timer App


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I used to use the Rideshare Timer App that was created by a former driver, but ever since Uber is contstantly changing the pass-through phone number that connects us to passengers, I haven't been able to get it to work. I tried to get it resolved with their support folks, but unfortuntely got nowhere with them. I haven't seen a post on this in quite some time, so wondering if its still working or has anyone found a better substitute?


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I use one of 3 options to keep track of the time:
Cell phone (most smartphones also have a countdown timer)
Car clock

Never failed me.


Timer still very useful, but I agree that the automatic texting is no longer feasible. A big bummer. What I've found is that most of my texts are very slight variants of the same thing, so predictive text on my phone helps at least keep me from naming pout letter by letter every time.


Yeah, I used to use RST too, paid version since I liked it so much.
Predictive text helps plus have your 2nd most used text saved to the clipboard so you can paste it quickly