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Rideshare days coming to an end. Advice for work with similar flexibility?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by acescracked7, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. acescracked7


    Denver, CO
    I'm in a really bad position.

    26 years old. Left my customer service job of 5 years in May, lived in San Diego at the time. Began driving full time (drove part-time since Dec 2016).

    Made an average of $600-$800/week; paid the bills on time, low stress, very enjoyable experience.

    In September my boyfriend and I moved to Denver. It took me a few weeks to get the hang of a new city, but was able to consistently make $600/week.

    Since the week of Thanksgiving my earnings have been averaging $300/week. Too many drivers, not enough demand.

    My financial situation is getting bad and I'm very stressed.

    I'm looking for alternative jobs that allow the same flexibility as Uber which is essentially work when you want or as little/much as you want.

    I need to be able to take time off when I need to and not have to "request" time off.

    This is because of some mental health things I'm dealing with. I have really bad anxiety (nothing that affects my driving safety), and sometimes I just need time off.

    Can't afford therapy at the moment.

    Any suggestions for work like this?
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  2. Not many jobs give you that type of flexibility. You could try Postmates, Grubhub, or Amazon Flex, but you would still have to deal with driver saturation.

    You could try getting a part time job with a few hours a week and moonlight as a driver. Unfortunately, with the way things are going, you can't depend just on ridesharing to make ends meet. You might have to make some compromises here.
  3. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    It's not about choosing when to work its about choosing when to be off with uber lol
  4. Start with a temporary seasonal job

  5. Look for work with a big company with good benefits.
    Comcast is big in Denver.
    Lots of different departments. Don't ask me how I know.

    They are very good with LOA when a person needs it.
    One guy I know has a partner with Lou Gehrigs disease and he comes and goes to work as he needs.
    No one questions him. Once he's approved his supervisor doesn't have the authority to question him. Seen many other cases also.
    They might not take care of their customers but they take care of their employees.

    Seriously. Try Comcast.

    Also you would have benefits from day 1 , they changed that recently. Lots of assistance for therapy and things like that.
  6. Brad29


    Referee kids sports. I do soccer and can make $20-40/hour in cincinnati. Many sports, particularly lacrosse, are short refs. Don’t even need to know the game. Get certified, spend some time in the pee wee system to figure it out then move up. I get assigned games by a few people an can work as much or little as I want. Just got to put up with a hole parents and coaches. But no worse than paxholes.
  7. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Become a stripper.
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  8. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    Start your own businesses. Become a notary public and other things like that. Offer services on your schedule.
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  9. I recently watched a stripper preform with an electronic ankle monitor

    Get your real estate license. Most of the courses are online then u take the test.
    But it’s straight commission, no salary no draw.

    Craigslist always has lots of job listings in many categories
  10. I hear that marijuana delivery is up and coming
  11. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Did you at least tip my wife? Hey man, times are tough. I told the little woman that she needed to get a job and start contributing. It was a toss up between Uber driving and stripping. She chose to be a stripper because she said that it's a less degrading job.
  12. mbd


    Look in the Craig's list for part time jobs
    Check out dealerships, they might need drivers to drop parts

    Just looked Craig's, patrol driver, 14-16 dollar per hour
    Some guy also hiring process server..
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  13. Dealerships also need drivers to transport cars to and from other dealerships
    Usually $13 an hour, in their vehicle
  14. TXqwi3812


    IDK maybe like a pet sitter, dog walker.
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  16. vtcomics


    New England
    That is HOT!
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  17. Christinebitg


    And you have to pay a monthly fee here, to whoever sponsors your sales license.

    At least thats how it works here in Texas.
  18. steveK2016


    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    Rub some dirt on it and suck it up. You think youre the only one with anxiety that works? Ive got plenty of anxiety, ive got buddies that I served with on multiple combat tours with extreme anxiety. We all still get to work every day. Life is suffering, get out there and be somebody.

    What gets me out of bed? Bills and knowing someone out there has it worse than I do. I assure You someone out there has it worse than you and are pushing through it to survive.
  19. Jeez Steve, being a little hard on the guy, aren't you?

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