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Rides to Charltote


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Do Y'all in Asheville get many rides to Charlotte?
I enjoy driving out there, but the dead legs back are a KiLLER!!!

It would be nice to hedge my bets to get a passenger going to Charlotte, but I have no idea on how to do it!

Any thoughts?


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Not typically. A 45+ minute trip usually means Charlotte here (exceptions obviously) but I rarely ever see 45s to be perfectly honest. I do drive a night so maybe things are different in the early morning or day. Driving in Asheville, especially on the weekends, is typically tourist driving: hotels/airbnb to downtown, visa versa and brewery hopping or westside to downtown. Most visitors drive home Sunday or Monday themselves or fly out of AVL. Just my 2 cents on the matter. It is too bad Uber or Lyft cannot match up drivers and riders for these long trips. It is a waste of time to send them to drivers like me who live here.

Especially with new surge, I can't imagine it is worth it to drive here on the weekends anymore from far out but I hear from riders that lots of drivers still do from places such as JC, Hickory, etc.

Mr. Yuck

Most of my trips to Charlotte are 3-5 Sunday am on Lyft, set destination filters on both apps and sometimes I get one coming kinda back.

The conference center in Black Mtn generates lots of long trips but it could just as likely be Tri-cities in TN.
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