Riders Request pickup on Corner of Busy intersection..


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Am I the only one that finds it annoying when riders request pickup on the corner of intersection or any corner at all. Most of times there will be a bus zone or you wouldn't want to block traffic... And plus there is Like 5 other ppl standing on Corner. Anyhow I still complete pickup but it just annoying I wonder what pax think in their mind like it would be easier for us?? And when you drive ten yards up from the corner you can tell the frustration on their face.. And I also see elderly uber drivers park curved on the Corner of Lombard and webster as if they are waiting for Pax.


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For many reasons, passengers should not request pickups at intersections. It is unsafe. There is nowhere to stop legally. Intersections don't have discreet addresses. You are more likely to approach the pickup spot from the wrong direction or be on the wrong side of the street. Ride requests from intersections are a red flag for passengers who are unaware how to use the app, unreasonable, or disrespectful in general. I don't hesitate to cancel these requests if I cannot safely stop somewhere past the intersection, or have reason to expect a negative passenger attitude.


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I just won't do it. I will park where it is legal and wait. If they don't figure it out I'll just wait the 5min and select rider no show. If they call me I'll politely tell them where I am and why. You give me a hard time then rider requested cancel. I look at as your asking me to cancel if your going to be disrespectful or stupid. With the low rates I just don't put up with anything.


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I had a passenger attempt this and while I managed to score a loading zone spot on Market right next to her pin, she must've crossed the street and shopped at Old Navy in the time it took me to get to her, as it was clear she had a bunch of bags and it was a damn lyft line!

She called and said she didn't want the Uber cancellation fee (I was working Lyft) and that I should make an (illegal) U-turn before the timer ran out. The kicker was when she called and asked where I was, I said I was parked right in front of a SFPD vehicle.

Um.... That was the longest 90 seconds of my life, but I zoomed away. She called me 10 times after I clicked no-show. #harrasment

Sometimes you can just tell by the tone of their voice whether or not they are going to be a good pax.