Riders get a picture of your vehicle - sort of


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Just discovered that there is a way for riders to know what color your car is and what it looks like. Under Help in Account > Manage vehicle there is an option to change the color of your car. It asks for exterior, interior, and a picture. It must be a recent feature because when I did it support was confused. Had to send in a picture of the exterior showing the license plate, the interior, and the make/model like they didn't already know that. Once I submitted that info I got a message that it was updated, went into my account on the partner app, and there was my car in the correct color. They use a stock photo of your make/model from the Web so the picture you send them is more for verification than anything. Asked a pax last night if he saw a picture of my car and he said yes, right color and everything. He told me the colors weren't always correct.