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Rider Left Keys but wont help

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Lively13, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Lively13


    Stanton, CA
    So a rider left there keys in my car (11/11/16) and got kicked under a seat so it went unnoticed until my final trip that night. She Called me 11PM (11/12/16) the next day asking if i have them I said yes and informed her I will be home till 5 if she would like to come get them but said she was at work till 7 in Compton, I informed her that i would be starting work a 5pm being a Saturday a very busy night so she said she would call me back and try to get them somehow before 5. Long story short(er) She doesn't come or call till 7 while working and starts threatening to call Uber (haha) and says im being unprofessional for not bringing her keys blah blah blah (went on for paragraphs how i cant help her.) In the meantime ive responded via text that if im in the area ill drop them but its unlikely (belflower), and we can set up a mutually agreed upon location that would accommodate both of us so neither is going out of my way..... blah blah blah she says tonight wont work after agreeing on a place then today 11/13/16 she never calls after she says she will call at 10am then moments ago i get a lost item report from Uber (which states she wants to contact me... which she ALREADY has)

    Am i being a dick by not going out of my way on a weekend (money maker (full time gig)) or is she being unrealistic? give me your thoughts. BTW she lives 12 miles away.
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  2. Drop them at Uber office or police station. Tell her once. Do not communicate further.
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  3. drop them at the nearest police station. Get a receipt.
    Txt her the police station address and a picture of the receipt.
  4. Text receipt to Uber office FIRST.
  5. Jinx!
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  6. The Ombudsman

    The Ombudsman

    Boulder, CO
    Do the keys have one of those grocery store loyalty club tags with a barcode on it?

    If so, roll by one of those stores, go to customer service. Ask if they will get the keys back to their owner.

    I actually had a set of keys find their way home years ago, my friend dropped them in the snow at a ski resort after going out to my car for something. Got them back come springtime when the snow had all melted, someone found them, took them to one of the grocery stores.
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  7. DriveMeNot


    The best way to deal with riders who are not flexiable is to sound professional. Talk to her with confidence and use big words like "The policy states".

    You could tell her. We are instructed by Uber policy to do one of the following:

    1. If the drivers time allows. I could drop you the lost item based on agreed location and time. I will be able to bring it to you on that date and time in that location. If that doesnt work. Then Uber policy recommend one of the next solutions:

    A. If im close to an Uber office. I will drop your item there and based on your lesure you could retrieve it.

    B. Your item will be dropped to the nearest police station of my location. I will provide you with the receipt number and you could retrieve it yourself.

    If the rider agree on a time and location that works for you but did not mention anything about compansating you. Then do one of the following:

    1. Mention to the rider that this will cost you money to drive and even though the policy of Uber doesnt state anything about compansating the driver, you are doing the rider a favor by not having them drive to Uber office or police station to retrieve their item.

    2. Tell the rider that you changed your mind and you will drop the item to the nearest police station to you or an Uber office and will text the information to the rider. If they ask why, tell them that you will lose business driving all the way there and stop it at this point.

    3. If the rider becomes very rude. Then make sure you drop the items to the furthest police station away from their house (of course when you get a ride to that area). Some riders need to learn respect and stop the feeling of being entitled to everything.

    From my experience i returned three items. Only the rider that told me that they will compansate me over the phone actually gave me a tip. Others didnt.

    It is better to have the ball rolling in your court than the rider think that you are their personal servant and you run a charity lost and found service.
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  8. JimKE


    THIS. And, "have a Magical Day, pax!"
  9. I drove 18 miles through rush hour on halloween to return keys... i was sincerely being a nice guy. This i s what I got in return.

    Screenshot_20161111-172742.png plus he changed myrating to 1...

    An hour of my time, 40 miles... all for less than a $3.00 fare and 1.88 tip. Oh I did a 10 minutes drive thru for him too...
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  10. Fishchris


    What i want to know is, how did she call you at 11 pm the next day ???
    The way I understood it once you finished a trip, the number for you is no longer valid....
    Otherwise you would have all kinds of problems... Riders and drivers getting into arguments and fights all the time.
  11. shiftydrake


    st liuis
    Best advice a long time taxi driver can give you is as follows...............#1 never admit you found anything......#2 tell pax I'll look if I find it I can meet you somewhere half way between you and me..............#3 if after you agree to meet mention that you will "take off work" to meet them so for loss of income you need to compensate and agree to small amount like $10.... ... ..#4 or you can throw out the window if you don't want to do all that.........after 12 yrs I haven't found ANYTHING...........:D
  12. You must most urgently contact Manesh Patel,we have located Bubbles !

    Attached Files:

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  13. shiftydrake


    st liuis
    Thank gawd you found him I was beginning to worry:D
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  14. Bubbles is at Travis house tearing up cars quicker than driving for Uber at reduced fare !
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  15. I would make this easy. Place the keys in sealed envelop and mail them to her. Do not leave your return address. No more drama and no more BS. If Uber is engaged, let them know you mailed them to her and now it is the USPS responsibilty and not yours.
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  16. While calling post office anonymously at same time to report her for suspicion of smuggling through the U.S. mail.
    She will get her keys back in a week or two .opening all of her mail will take time.
  17. shiftydrake


    st liuis
    I actually miss Bubbles.......*tears fallen* he was a good elephant
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  18. EX_


    This is a long-ass story about nothing. Srsly.

    Since you already told ms. premaddona you had the keys you can't discard them in the trash now. Just take them to the police station and have her do the work to get them back. Your obligation will be complete.
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  19. Fuzzyelvis


    The number works for the pax indefinitely. But you can only call your present pax.
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  20. d0n


    Dump them in the sewer next time.
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