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Rider Feedback Issue Problem with Professionalism & Attitude

So I opened up my Uber App and found this RIDER FEEDBACK. Looks like it came from the first week of August. Professionalism and 1 report about my ATTITUDE. Then it talks about how to improve your attitude. Well, I am one to say I have worked in customer service over 5 years in various positions, virtual service representative from home, booking hotels, worked for the Home Depot, medical claims, etc. I am always courteous to my passengers and use manners. I don't get upset or yell and always thank them for their business. I am just going to let this one go as a passenger having a bad day.


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LOL got my first attitude report in over 6 months of driving yesterday however my comments say "easy talk" "great driver" ect.

All stupid.. according to UBER we are meant to open doors, offer mints lol idiots.

Ignore it.. means nothing. Once one report goes they shit you by give you another one. dumbbbbb


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I only have one bad report in 532 trips and it still annoys me every time I see it. It was a bogus report. I drove this prick to a bar and about 5 minutes after I dropped him off, I got pinged from the same guy.
So I drove back and after 8 minutes of waiting and 2 phone calls I cancelled.
Then he reported me for cancelling and gave me a low rating for the first trip.


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I offer a ride from point A to point B in a clean vehicle. I offer pleasant conversation if it's started by the rider. I do not discuss political views, family, or religion. You are paying for a service, not a shoulder to cry on. With that being said....I do plan on putting a fully functional beer tap in my truck...LOL......relax just kidding.


I got hit with a complaint from a rider that said I was a rash driver. I was like what the hell was a rash driver. Uber took my fare in the beginning until I had to explain to them that 95% of a ride was on I-95 and 90% of I-95 is under construction so what in the world they want me to do use the force and just fly over this back road I was driving on. They gave me all my fare back as a conclusion but after three or four emails back and forth