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Rider Explodes at Cab Driver, After Being Charged 'Fairly' for Trip. (Eyewitness Account)

Discussion in 'Stories' started by SharedRideTruther, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. SharedRideTruther


    So, I'm sitting at my favorite watering hole 'rider' area, driving my own platform, Uber not online, but always watching the potential surge login prompt.

    I've had multiple GOOD runs over the last 4 hours driving my own platform, and I see 2 cars pull in to the lot dropping drinkers off to this cool little watering hole.

    3 middle aged, khaki short wearing dudes pile out of the first car (Uber, I find out in about 15 seconds)

    The second car is a yellow cab, and 3 milfs roll out of it, and head right toward the dudes with khakis.

    They hug, and talk for a second (I'm a few feet away, waiting on my next, PROFITABLE rider, windows rolled down, observing and listening).

    The biggest khaki wearing dude starts M-F'ing the yellow cab, asking "how is the fare 15 dollars for a 3 mile ride"?

    (BTW, its about an 8-10 minute ride, or more with traffic, to navigate the miles between the 'locales'.)

    To say he's losing his mind is an understatement.

    Now mind you, knucklehead khaki man is in a parking lot of a very happy clientele watering hole, raising holy hell about a 15 dollar fare for 3 gorgeous women to be transported safely 3 miles down the road.

    Then the beat DROPS!

    He says my "F'ing fare was 3 dollars, for 3 people, and you're gonna rob me and charge me 15 bucks?!"

    "We will never use you again!" he shouts!

    Here's the rub, based on factual data.

    All six people are about to pay a 5 dollar cover EACH, just for the honor of entering this cool little watering hole. (worth every penny)

    Every BEER will cost them a minimum of 3.50, with mixed drinks 5-8 bucks, minimum.


    And this knucklehead is telling the crowd who's now gathered, that his (and his buddys) women are worth a dollar a head, to transport their gorgeous beings safely, in order to grace their knucklehead arms at this watering hole.

    The women were appalled at the scene that was being created, and the cabbie just backed out and left.

    I will bet that Uber driver had a few things to say to khaki man about his 3 dollars for 3 mile fare, and Im sure his apparent sunny disposition during the ride.

    But, I can't tell her (female uber driver) side of the story, just mine.

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. glados


    Are you a Uber driver? Or are you a cabbie?
  3. SharedRideTruther


    I, my friend, am an Independent Contractor, so I CANNOT be an UBER 'PARTNER', right?
    So, I am whatever I choose to be, delightfully so.
    And you, since you are being so direct?
    Are you an Uber EMPLOYEE, or just a young / old person with ALOT of cheer-leading-skirt love for Ubers poor driver treatment and pay issues, in EVERY market?
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  4. So, what is "My own platform"? I'm sure we'd all like more options without becoming a illegal cab.
  5. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    I have been down that road more than a few times.

    In some cases, the guy is trying to show off for his date by berating the "help". Why most guys do not know that the ladies tend to take a dim view of this is something that always will escape me. In fact, there are more than a few articles out there in cyberland that have interviews with the ladies on "date turn-offs". More than one lady interviewed for those articles has stated that one of the fastest and most efficient ways to ensure that there will be no more dates is to treat the "help" in an obnxious manner.

    In some cases, it is an attempt to chisel the fare. I find it hard to believe that the guy paid only three dollars for an UberX ride. Is not the minimum either four or five dollars everywhere? I am not familiar with Charlotte cab rates. I have been in Charlotte, but not often and it has been a while, so I do not know much about traffic, there. Still, I have seen it happen here that a three mile ride with three people can cost fifteen dollars. On the surface, it does seem a bit high, but, again, there are too many things that I do not know about the ride. I stray.

    One of the favourite tactics of fare chiselers is intimidation. The will yell and scream in hopes of getting the driver to take whatever they will give just to get away from the chiseler. If these are locals, they might be trying to use the Regulators to intimidate the driver. Here, the locals know that the Taxicab Commission and the Office of Administrative Hearings tend to rule against the driver. The driver is presumed guilty even when proved innocent. The chiselers here will call you a thief and threaten to go to the Taxicab Commission. It is much easier to file a frivolous complaint, these days, as the Taxicab Commission has removed all of the provisions of the Complaint Process that used to protect drivers from frivolous complaints (thank you, Commissioners from the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Businesses! Once more, you have proved that you are unfit to regulate the cab business). I do not know how the Regulatory Authorities treat cab drivers in Charlotte.

    One more thing on the chiseling: the ladies tend to take a dim view of that, as well. I would think that even the Most Brilliant of Rocket Scientists would be able to figure out that the ladies do not like a cheapskate. Perhaps I expect too much.

    Your point on what these cheapskates are paying to get into the club vs. the cab fare brings back memories. Back before we had meters (we had a Zone System from 1931-2008), my former Company used to have a direct line into one of the better known mediocre and overpriced French restaurants in this City (I apologise for being redundant: I stated "overpriced" French restaurant). One of the hotels to which the patrons of this restaurant used to go was a short distance away, but just across a Zone Line. At the time, what would have been a five or six dollar cab ride in New York, Boston or Chicago was an eleven dollar ride for the four people with the call (it has cost extra to call a cab in Washington since the 1920s; there used to be a surcharge for each passenger after the first). Of course, the person stuck with the cab bill would scream. You would try to explain the fare and point to each item on the rate card, but, of course, it fell upon deaf ears. Finally, in exasperation, you would raise your voice and tell the whiner: "You just dropped seven-hundred-fifty bananas on a mediocre dinner with cheap wine that was worth seventy-five dollars, at best. Now you are complaining about an eleven dollar cab fare???????????? Get real!".
  6. uberparadise


    We have their precious cargo (their lives) in our hands!!! I could put them in a wheelchair 4 ever!!! The more I get screwed by UBER the closer I get to going ballistic. Maybe I push it a little and get T-boned. Common Sense would dictate always making your Driver happy. I mean your Personal Driver Very happy!!! It's their well being not just mine. The drivers can only take the abuse for so long?
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  7. I've got some news for you, Tim. You're already a illegal cab driver. Might as well embrace it and use it to your advantage.
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  8. observer

    observer Moderator

    long beach
    Why would it matter.
  9. Are you an Uber driver or working at the corporate office?

    Also explain the beauty of Uber pool to me... hearing it never gets old to me.
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  10. Alexander


    Los Angeles
    Uber drivers (i.e., Uber Partners) are usually independent contractors (in most states), so there is no necessary contradiction between being an Uber Partner and being an independent contractor. In fact, in most states, these things go together. Do you understand, Mr. "My-Own-Platform"? Is that "direct" enough for you, sweetheart?
  11. SharedRideTruther


    Alexander, although I am sexy beast, I don't swing the 'sweetheart direction' with other men.
    Thanks though.
    Good luck in your hunt.

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