Ride-sharing legal Friday, but the Uber-taxi war rages on


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Here is the link:

Few interesting facts from that article:
  • UberX trips will be more expensive, with 30 cents added per trip to each fare to be remitted to the city.
  • PTCs must have the same level of insurance as taxis, with a minimum of $2 million liability. A PTC is also required to provide confirmation that the insurance company has been advised the driver intends to carry paying passengers.


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It's a sticker. How can we not have received something so minor at this point after they knew for so long that it's a requirement? Should we just print the logo on a small piece of paper and put it in the dash when picking up passengers for those of us who haven't received them...........probably 99% of us.


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Maybe they dont want the city to be able to identify drivers yet, they can drag out implementing the regs