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Ride share insurance in Dayton, Ohio

Musical Insurance Guy

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Hello Ohio ride share drivers.

Many have asked what insurance companies have the special ride share insurance coverage option. The link below gives a listing of all of the companies they have in various states.
As you can see, in Ohio the following companies are listed:
  • Erie
  • Geico
  • Farmers
We have heard from others, in and out of Ohio who said their agent or others told them their insurance covers them for rides share. Unfortunately in some cases, the insurance company representative may have misspoke on this.

Here in Ohio, the most (not necessarily all) personal auto insurance companies insurance ends, the moment you turn on your ride share app, indicating you are available to take a ride (period one). Per the new law passed in December, effective in March, the ride share insurance company, liability only, coverage starts when you turn on the app. During ride share periods two and three (after you have accepted a ride and are on your way, and when you have the passenger in your car) the ride share company insurance coverage typically increases to include other insurance options such as collision and comprehensive, if you have it on your personal policy. For many, this causes a 'gap' in insurance during period one. This is explained in more detail at: https://www.farmers.com/rideshare/

Example, you have 'full' coverage on your personal auto insurance. You turn on the ride share app indicating you are available to take a ride. In most cases, since your personal insurance stopped when you were available, and the ride share company insurance is liability only, you no longer have 'full coverage' on your car at that moment, during period one. If during this time you are in an accident that is your fault, or a tree or hail fell on the car, you would likely not have coverage for your car. This is why, if you drive for Uber, Lyft or any other ride share company, we believe it is important to have the ride share insurance option on your personal insurance, to cover that insurance 'gap', mainly during period one.

If your car insurance company is not listed above, or you do have insurance with one of those above and you do not have their optional ride share insurance coverage, yet they told you their insurance covers you for ride share, we strongly suggest you get that in writing, in case the representative you connected with didn't know what they were talking about. You don't want someone else's error to cost you! The time to find out you may not be covered on something should not be when something bad happens!
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Hello. Contacted my insurance a few days ago and asked about Geico's product for ride share. Long story short: my coverages doubled and my yearly premium DROPPED nearly 200 dollars. Even if I don't drive for Uber I am switching to that new policy. 100% covered at all times in my car. So much for all of the horror stories regarding evil insurance companies.


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Allstate Insurance offers coverage for ridesharing in Ohio as well. I'm new to Uber, but I can help with insurance if anyone needs help.