ride companion app


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I signed up to ride companion app last night and changed my mind, so I uninstalled it.
Oddly, enough...when I checked my emails a couple hours later, I had received a a message from lyft stating that they could not approve my name request change???
I never requested a name change. The timing is not coincidental...been on the lyft platform since 2016.
Please beware of these apps!

We noticed you recently changed your name in the Lyft Driver app.
Our standard name-change process requires a review by a Lyft agent, and we sincerely apologize for a recent error that caused your requested name change to skip this review process.
In order to fix this error, we have changed your name back to the one listed on the driver's license you submitted.
If you would like to change your name to something other than what's listed on your driver's license, please contact CET by clicking here. Otherwise, there is no additional action needed.