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Returned phone, denied return fee

Bus Bozo

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F that 15$ return fee, I MAY see something if the rider offers something for my effort.
I have found the rider will give me $20, and some mention they don't want to see Uber take their cut...guess they don't know this is the only time Uber doesn't, and I don't say differently. Then again, I don't transport the drunks.


So I had a passenger who left their phone in my car on Friday night. Phone was dead, and passenger never notified me it was left behind, so I didn't find it till this morning. I dropped it off at the Greenlight hub with all the passengers info, ride information, etc. I was fully expecting to be issued the $15 lost item return fee, but after going back and forth with Uber support/supervisors/lost item team/emails, they absolutely refuse to issue me a lost item return fee since I dropped it off at the hub? When exactly did this change take place, and who else can I talk to about getting my fair compensation for a lost item return fee. Absolutely disgusted right now with the level of support Uber offers its drivers.
I've learned don't waste your time. If rider doesn't notify by end of driving day and I find item (usually in AM) then I use do found item on app, put in envelope, apply a pre printed label and mail to Greenlight. I notify via app its been returned and have received fee 1 out of 6 times.