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Click on the link and scroll down to read the FAQ's.
The rollout was in Seattle for business accounts only, not the everyday UberX rider. That comes later.
If surge is in effect at the time of the scheduled ride, we will get the surge price.
It can still affect surge because Uber will have a better idea of the real demand.
Of course Uber can also take advantage and put more surge.


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Yeah saw that last night from a driver who runs Android, apparently only available on the Android side of things, can't schedule on my iPhone. He also has the destination filter.

When the schedule there's is a warning surge pricing may apply.


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This will have little or no effect on us. Just another ping.
Yeah, I don't see how much would change on our end...maybe puber will add an additional penalty level for declining 'reserved' rides. Or maybe they should automatically assign them to select, or something.


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It is for the closest driver but it probably gives priority to the rider over riders without a reservation.
Then it's totally useless.

Wouldn't be surprised when pax in areas where Uber drivers avoid start to make reservations. Then having drivers 10+ minutes away start "cancelling" on the pings. That 10-minute wait increases, and only upsets pax, and the driver who DO accept that ping will get a 1-star for "Late Arrival."


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Info on uber website:

Q: Where is this available?
A: Global rollout starts June 9 in Seattle, followed by other top business travel cities.

Q: Who can use Scheduled Rides?
A: We’re making this available first to business travelers. We expect to make the feature broadly available to all riders as we continue the rollout.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Scheduled Rides are priced exactly like a normal uberX ride and subject to pricing conditions at the future time the request is made. Surge pricing may apply.

Q: Can I schedule a ride with any product (BLACK, HOP, etc)?
A: Scheduled Rides are starting today with uberX, our most popular service; we hope to make it available with other products as we expand.

Q: What if I need to cancel my scheduled ride?
A: No problem. You can cancel anytime before your car is dispatched to pick you up, and after it’s dispatched you can cancel up to 5 minutes (per our normal policy) without a cancellation fee.