Research on Uber Algorithm

Vick A

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I have been researching the Uber and Lyft apps lately, I have found some tips and tricks you can use.

1) If it’s 1:50 a.m. and there’s no surge, log out and wait 15 minutes. Then log back in. Uber's app gets frozen sometimes during the peek hours.

2) If you must chase surge fares, log out until you get to the surge zone. The algorithm Uber uses to calculate whether surge is based on how many people have the passenger app open vs. how many people have the driver app open. When drivers with an open app cross into a surge zone, the supply goes up, and the surge automatically decreases. So keep your passenger app open and your driver app closed while en route.

3) I had followed Uber's advice to go try to catch the stadium rush one day, then waited around for half an hour with no business. Opening the passenger app, I found that I was completely surrounded by a dozen other Uber vehicles. I drove around the other side of the stadium where there were no other cars and got a call almost immediately. Stay a block away from crowded Uber drivers.

I will post more later, follow me if you are from Los Angeles.


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