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I am a Prospective Driver. I can not find a list of Approved vehicles for Anchorage. Is a Crown Vic, Ok? some cities it is and some cities its banned. Why is the approved Vehicles list such a secret? Does Uber or Lyft offer any rental options in Anchorage? Any help would be appreciated.


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Of course, I'm along ways away from you...where it's always warmer than Anchorage, and I agree it's hard to find a specific list of approved vehicles. Closest thing I found was pretty vague:

Hope it helps...but you've probably already seen it. Maybe go for an inspection and see if it passes.


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Thanks for the reply Las Vegas Mello W Yellow. I have been to that site already, it just says most 4 door cars less than 12 yrs old I know that Crown Vic and Full size vans are banned in some markets. I want to use a full size vehicle. Alaska is different than lower 48, Its unsafe to drive a compact car because many people drive 3/4 or 1 Ton 4x4s and many Moose on the roads in the winter, so a Prius Is not going to do very well and I dont think you will be glad you saved so much on gas when you get T boned by a full size truck or you hit a moose.
I want to buy a full size car for Uber and Lyft but I would hate to buy something and then find out that its banned.