Requests don't ping up, but shows as a notification?

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Anyone experiencing issues with requests not pinging, but showing up as a notification, without any sound alerting you?

I wish I took a screenshot, but panicked and clicked it as soon as I saw it so that my acceptance rate wouldn't get ruined. Happened twice to me tonight. I probably missed a request because of this screwing me out of my hourly G... sigh.


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Sounds like you don't have the Uber app on screen and this is happening...

If Uber is in the background with another app on top or on the homescreen sometimes it will switch to the ping screen and sometimes a notification, completely normal.


When my Phone is connected to the Blue Tooth, I don't get the Ping sound when a request is shown. I have to turn off blue tooth or disconnect from the vehicle to make it work.
Last weekend, I tried streaming Pandora through the app (via blue tooth) and it worked as long as my selector was on AUX on vehicle the sound system.