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Requesting Cross-Dispatch i.e. SUV only, Black Car only, UberXL only, etc...


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I just got a minivan and noticed that I have no ability to cross-dispatch meaning accept UberXL only. Most of the time I plan to accept both UberX/UberXL, but there are some busy nights where I would like to focus on UberXL. For example, a big stadium letting out and I would rather wait for the big group for more cash.

I sent a request to customer service asking about cross-dispatch. I got a reply back trying to sell me on accepting all fairs and at the end it stated to let them know if you are still interested in cross-dispatch. They will send in a request if I am still interested.

I sent back a note stating that YES, I was still interested. So lets see where it goes.

The purpose of me getting the minivan was to stay busy. I know there are times where you are just sitting there and it would be great if I had more flexibility. However, there might be times where I just want to focus on UberXL...


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You can't do that. Only uber suv partners before April had that option to accept x and XL calls. Uber x/XL never had that option lol.


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X and XL comescomes in a bundle. If you don't want to take X, just accept and cancel.

I sent an email for only Black/SUV and they said OK. Later I received an email apologizing that I had been misinformed and it's simply impossible.

Don't believe what you hear from CS through email. Most of those guys have no idea about how Uber runs in NY.


Yes just accept and cancel the quicker you do it then it won't show up as a cancel. Keep in mind they added the unavailable while in motion feature to stop you from doing it so it counts as a cancelled ride. I have a SUV now and went to the office they said you have to accept X as well and that it's the most popular one. I told them well I been with you guys since April first I maintain a 4.9 , I can't afford to drive SUV with X jobs only. They said nope nothing we can do sorry.


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Ill take X the majority of the time but it would be great to also have XL only just in case I find a scenario where I can take advantage. Like lets say its a very busy night and so I just flip it to XL only to try to capture the higher XL fare etc.

We will see what the response is from the customer service.


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Since they don't allow SUV drivers to pick up only SUV, there is no way on earth they give you only XL.
As I said, cancelling is a good strategy. My acceptance rate last night was around 30%. Let's what they say about it. :rolleyes: