"Requesting" a particular Uber driver?


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I'm guessing if a friend or neighbor who is an regular Uber user would like to give a particular driver the business, they could see if he(she) is available and make their request when the driver is in their area. Will this work? Is there another or better way? Thoughts ...


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Just exchange phone numbers and meet up then have the driver log on right before rider requests. It'll match you as long as you're not in a busy area, like a concert. If you're next to each other wait time will show 2 minutes by default.

Not worth it for low mileage trips unless driver is already nearby.

I have a regular I drive about once a week from LA to San Diego and back 100+ miles. She pays for coffee, snacks and we usually go to dinner after. She's 30 minutes from me but I'll make that drive. I've had other requests but 99% of the time not worth it.


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Have them send the request while they are in your car and you are logged on. I've done it quite a few times & the ping always comes to me. Doesnt always work on Lyft though.

Or even better, cut out the middle man and do the ride for cash.