Requested rating be changed from 5 to 1


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Last week a rider stole my I Phone charger. After I discovered the missing charger I immediately realized who had taken it, so went to the rating and requested it be changed from 5 to 1. Next day Uber asks me why. I explain how it happened - How I realized it shortly after and also realized why he had displayed such odd behavior by trying to distract me at the end of the ride..... Also that this was an investment I made for the use of my riders.
Two days later.......... crickets.


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They claim that they will change a pax rating for you but i dont believe they ACTUALLY change it. They just BS us and say they did. There is no actual proof they will change it to a lower rating.

Uber/Lyft doesnt want their clients having low ratings because its harder for them to get rides. They want every ride request to be filled quickly, so why would they do something that would slighty tank a pax rating?


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When I was driving, I seem to remember that you could log into the driver portal (on your computer) and change ratings of past rides.



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Still haven't heard from them. Frankly, I don't have time to mess with it. Anyway, if there's no way to verify it......who the heck cares? Not me. It's over and done.
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