Replicate growing gripe


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Annoyingly I'm finding replicate pings becoming more common these days ...
doesnt the Uber app get it ? decline a ping once, you are not gonna change your mind or reasoning a few seconds later when it re-pings same rider pickup... and there goes the acceptance rate down the gurgler ...
getting alot of these repeating pings of late ..

and even more annoying, are the repeat pings for cancellations.. both by riders and me ..
if a rider cancels inside the 5mins, I'm not gonna keep returning every time they want to restart their clock..dont send me back to the same address I've just be cancelled from!

and worse, after I just cancelled after a 5min wait, why the ??, would the app give me the same rider to pickup when they re-request yeah, I'll go back there so they can beat the crap out of me, trash the car, yell abuse, extract a $10 refund and no star me ..or all the above...
cant be rocket science in the app dispatching to block a previous rider-driver match for say 5mins or so (maybe permanently on a driver-cancelled ride), can it?

ahhhhrr, that's better... sometimes with Uber ... it's good to vent sometimes.....
Never accept the request from the same pax u canceled the trip once, even if you have to go offline for 5 minutes or so to avoid them as the result is not going to be great.
No matter what you gonna do to please them, least they gonna do is rate you low.


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Today I accepted job, the pax rating was 4.52, it was a 7 mins ride to reach him. Within minute he cancelled the job. I was like what the heck, should have more dicipline not to accept job w/ low rating pax. And guess what, few seconds later I got ping again from the same rider, stupid me accepted the job, and the pax cancelled again. What the heck! In this situation I wonder if pax get a flag by Uber similar to driver 2 minutes can not request or use the app!!! Or a warning


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Yeah, i hardly trust those pax with rating 4.6 and below. You know what kind of signs you'll get. Last time i canceled a request from a pax who got 4.4 even thought it was surge 1.2x, my 2 thoughts in mind is that they will travel short distances and they may have bad attitude or will rate you down.

Don't take the risk, cancel it and go offline for few mins. Another time i canceled 2 jobs within 30 secs which i were located in the rocks but the pax are in north sydney, Im like wtf?? I went offline and went further to the wharf at end of darling harbour and then got a ping there to take a long trip end of the night.


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So this morning, heading to real work at 7:30 and the whole of the Northern Beaches is lit up in Surge orange and red... Perfect.
I got 6 requests from pax, and not one was <12 min away, and then there's peak hour traffic to further hinder me. One ping was 18 min away, which I know in traffic would be >30 min..
So I got switched off for 2 min after every 2nd unaccepted requests...
Eventually I just switched off and drove to work enjoying the music on the radio...
Missed a few dollars but am a lot calmer for it.
Have a great day uber partners...
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