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Replacement tires - advice, recommendations.

Thelma & Louise (T&L)

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Hoping that you can give me some advice on replacement tires.

To start with, tyres are important to me, they can and do help save lives, and improve ride quality. As far as has been economically possible in the past I have always endeavoured to put good tyres on my car.

And before you all start shouting at me for having such expensive tyres on my car, I put them on before Uber was even on my radar. On average I travelled (before Uber) a fairly consistent 9,000 kms per year, including regular country driving, and that to me was good value. They are rated for 40,000 km’s which they have achieved.

They are now due for replacement in about 4,000km, (as advised at last wheel alignment). I am running Bridgestone Duellers HP Sport, 235/55 R18. (This is the second car (though different size) that I have had them on) These have been great tyres, and have always worn really well, but replacement cost is $350 each. Ouch!!! – with what I earning with Uber I cannot afford to replace same with same.

So I am looking for cheap, but good, well rated tyres to replace these that are not going to break the bank.

Any recommendations, advice, and good value suppliers.


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I find Tempe Tyres the cheapest in the market. Go to their website and compare prices.

I just had a quick look and the Bridgestone ones that you have listed, they are selling for $209 each but it says out of stock at the moment. May be not a bad idea to call them and ask when they are going to restock.


Taleb Tyres a little further along the highway are good as well (and a little friendlier and less in your face).

I picked up a set of Kumho Extca in 17" for $109 each and they've been pretty good so far (mid size SUV)


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Anything about 16 inches gets expensive. I'm of the opinion of avoiding Goodyear F1. Great wet weather tyre but not great in dry conditions and you have more dry days than wet in Australia.