Renting through Hertz question


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Hi all, new here and first ever post. I was searching through the SF Forum regarding Hertz rentals and only have found messages that seem pretty dated. My car went out of commission and need to use a car to raise funds to have the transmission replaced. Pluses and minuses? Looking at the big picture and it sounds like staying in a rental seems much more feasible so you don't have to worry about maintenance and miles. I have a Ford Explorer with a ton of miles and weighing spending a lot to repair with the risk that transmission might go out again or just stay with this Hertz rental.

It looks like a week to week rental with a max of 3 weeks. Do you get a new car right then and there or do you have to request again? I noticed I had to keep trying since cars were all checked out.

Any help would be great!


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I really don't like Hertz for many reasons, but mainly the way they treat Uber drivers like shit!