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Renting car thru Fair


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So I understand that this is a situation that only a small percentage of Uber drivers can even really relate to, but, since I live in San Francisco... And have been a licensed driver without a car for 2 years now, I decided since preschool teaching pays shit anyway, I may as well get a car out of it LOL. So, Uber brought me on board last week, then I went through Fair and got my rental car yesterday... I was told within 24 hours Uber would have gotten the message from fair, and that my profile would automatically update with the vehicle information. Not only do I not see it, now I'm having issues opening up my profile at all. If I call Uber, are they typically much help? Or, since I am only a half hour drive from the Daly City greenlight hub- should i just skip to talking to someone face to face? I didn't mind so much when it was just going to be 24 hours without the ability to drive with Uber... But I have read that other people have not gotten it connected for almost a week. And if I don't complete 7D rides, I'm going to have to pay for this week's rental out of my own pocket...
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