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renting car in miami...

Discussion in 'Miami' started by mrmateo, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. mrmateo


    hi everyone im newb in posting but been lurking and wanted to "up" this quest. ive done research and see that most of the rent options are not in miami. i was originally going to do uberx but was denied, so lookin for the next best option till the next best option.

    does anyone have any new info regarding this topic or even willing to work to together?
  2. Dude, find another job. It's so freaking dead right now. You'd be lucky to make back your rental fee.
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  3. Milito


    If you end up driving I'd like yo welcome you to poverty
  4. Not enough money being made to rent a car in my opinion
  5. mrmateo


    lol i got the info i was looking for...i like to think a little different when it comes to some things. i feel theres other ways to make money with uber besides just pick up/ drop off. we come in contact with alot of different people. also, im using it more for the car/ connecting. generating money is a plus.
  6. ...people don't want to 'connect' with you when you are their Taxi driver. They just want you to drive them home for pennies.
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  7. mrmateo


    I love your daily attitude for some thing you continually do, to yourself. If you were to change your out look on life then maybe you'll be more happy and get better results. Any who, of course people wanna connect. Threw this comes cliental who call you directly. Amongst other financial opportunity. I know because I've done it and seen it done.
  8. I am renting my like new 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, great for Uber X, XL and Delivery. $300 per week. Anyone interested?
  9. He's been denied. NO ACCOUNT. FRAUD.
  10. Who?
  11. The guy in this initial post stated he was denied by Uber to drive for UberX. That should be the end of the subject, but you have MiamiMitch searching for threads trying to get someone to take his lease.

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