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Sad to say, but many of the Renown employees place huge orders, don't tip, and expect their orders to be delivered to their workstations. In a recent incident, a huge order was placed by a Renown employee. When I called the customer before arriving, I asked the customer to meet me at the east entrance, because I had another order to deliver (that was actually placed before their order). The Renown employee got rude and pissy, then lo and behold, my survey score went down to 99, and I was given a "thumbs down" because I didn't deliver to the door (the door being down long corridors inside a germ-ridden hospital). What a shame that they take advantage of delivery service. Get over yourselves! In fairness, this is not the case with all orders that are delivered to Renown. But, I cringe whenever I see 1155 Mill Street as the delivery address. Renown management should consider not allowing their employees to demand delivery inside the hospital work area.


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I find that many Uber eats customers don’t tip
But it’s even worse when they have a large order, make good money and don’t tip. I don’t know what they think drivers are making off of them but it isn’t much. I’ve turned it off for now because of that and having to drive halfway across Reno to pick up their food


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I usually keep Uber Eats off now after the pay cuts. I only turn it on when it is slow and boring.

Uber Eats only pays a small fraction of regular Uber rides for the time put into it. It seems not too unusual to spend 45 minutes from ping to delivery only to earn $4 or so. There is a lot of time spent waiting on the restaurants, time spent finding a legal place to park, and time spent delivering to an obscure place.


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Its really sad they are suppose to be professionals with really stable careers yet they can't tip someone who had to find a parking space, walk into their huge medical complex, wait and ride the elevator all the way up to their station and drop off usually a huge order and then have to find their own way out. I really am very embarrassed for them. Very cheap and very low class