Reno airport to northstar??


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Hey Im a driver down in LV arriving at Reno airport next wed am headed to northstar. Are airport pickups allowed? Any problem to get a ride? Ap is quoting me $45.

Any help appreciated.


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Airport pickups are allowed. There is a rideshare pickup area directly north outside the terminal. The app will direct you. We have a FIFO lot and there is usually drivers waiting so you will get someone fast.


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Problem is, whoever picks you up, can't bring back passengers from CA.

Those airport guys still drool over Tahoe rides. In this market, there's no real profitability, only cash flow. And Tahoe is good cash ($35-$60), dead miles or not.

Once I got a return ride from Incline, so lucky...


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I won’t touch the airport just to avoid those Tahoe rides. Waste of time and money. You can make more carting around hipsters for five blocks in that amount of time.