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Removed myself from Uber eats.

Discussion in 'Stories' started by corniilius, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. corniilius

    corniilius Well-Known Member

    After spending over an hour for a grand total of $12 this weekend and wasting 45 minutes on one delivery the previous weekend for a 20 minute wait while the establishment completed the order, I went to a green light station and removed myself from Uber eats. Let another suck, I mean, driver deal with it. Wasn't that bad when it first started out and we were getting paid better for deliveries, but now it just impedes my earning potential.
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  2. Fatmanwa

    Fatmanwa Member

    Portland, OR
    In my experience I made less doing just eats through the official Uber app. But tips were great! But I am not sure I want to do eats again, parking is always a hassle, and certain restaurants are too.
  3. corniilius

    corniilius Well-Known Member

    I don't like having other people effect how much time I am willing to spend on a delivery. If I'm coming for a pickup, I expect the order to be packed up and ready to go when I get there. It's a logistical issue more than anything else that uber needs to work the kinks out of. It takes 20 minutes for a pizza to be made. Don't send out a ping until it's halfway done. Then there's the parking issue. If drivers are forced to walk for more than five minutes to avoid getting a ticket or their vehicle towed, then that establishment shouldn't even be on Uber eats in the first place.
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  4. nickd8775

    nickd8775 Well-Known Member

    NJ / Philly
    It should be priced like this:
    Restaurant hands food to driver waiting in the car outside or they can choose to pay $5 for the driver to come inside to pick it up.
    Customer picks up food from the car or pays $5 for the driver to deliver it to the door.
    No need to tip, it's truly included.
    That's up to $7.50 extra for the driver after Uber commission per delivery.
    5 minutes wait time on either end or it's a no show.
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