Remember the "Pool Pass" ? Well.. check this out..


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Holy Sheets Batman. Prepare the Lube! Maybe not Fuber is going in dry!
Troll Alert! Miss nutzareus the uber hater living in fear of certain deactivation! Current count: 15,992 DC uber drivers are satisfied AND accept
pool rides. Eight DC drivers are HATERS!! Haters ALWAYS LOSE. Deactivate Miss NUTZREUS. send her to the dark side


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Damn, who the heck is going to pick up all those pools?
The 10,000 new PART TIME Uber drivers that Uber will onboard at $500.00 a piece now.

Meanwhile,you will be doing $2.00 rides.

The part timers will all work only evenings and weekends.

no stool driver

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I won't be part of that b********t never taking pool even if its surge.They stop sending them to me soon as I ignore the ones they send
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If drivers unite and refuse to accept FuberStool pings, passengers will be unhappy and not use Stool again no matter how cheap it becomes. They will be frustrated with the skipped pings from nearby cars less than 5 minutes away. Good, let them suffer. If you are going to pay bus prices, wait on the curb 20 minutes just like waiting at the bus stop.