Remember Bozoma Saint John w/ Uber? Now she's onto Papa Johns


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Marketing diva Bozoma Saint John has a daunting task in her new role as the chief marketing officer at Endeavor Global Marketing—helping Papa John’s pizza navigate its current public relations nightmare.

According to CNN, the beleaguered pizza chain hired the marketing agency after the board pressured founder, chairman, and former CEO John Schnatter to step down.

Schnatter, who appeared in just about every Papa John’s TV commercial, was the face of the brand, yet, he’s been a controversial figure.

During an earnings call, the conservative-leaning businessman (and Trump voter) criticized NFL players kneeling in protest against injustice during the national anthem.

“This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago…Like many sponsors, we’re in touch with the NFL. Once the issue is resolved, we’re optimistic the NFL’s best years are ahead,” are some of the comments he is reported to have said.

Soon after, Papa John’s sales declined with Schnatter blaming the fall on the NFL protests. The NFL dropped Papa John’s as the “official pizza” of the National Football League and replaced it with Pizza Hut.

Yet, the final straw for Papa John’s board members was when news came to light that Schnatter had dropped the ‘n-word’ during a conference call designed as a role-playing exercise in an effort to prevent future public-relations snafus for the CEO. Forbes reported that on the call Schnatter said “Colonel Sanders called blacks n—–s,” and complained that Sanders never faced public backlash. The board accepted his resignation almost immediately after the news broke.

Now, the pizza delivery chain is struggling to regain customers and repair its image. Adweekreports that Saint John led the effort to acquire Papa John’s business.

“This is a really pivotal moment not just for Papa John’s, but for all corporate businesses and all brands that service a larger group of people,” Saint John told Adweek. “Our culture has become even more sensitive to anything we feel is outside of our moral compass, and as a brand we acknowledge that.”

Saint John, a marketing guru who rose through the corporate ranks at Pepsi and Apple, began working as Uber’s chief brand officer on June 12, 2017. She was hired by ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. At the time, she told Black Enterprise that she was anxious to help rebrand the company’s image. “People like me jump right into the deep end, head first. I’m already going. The practical and logistical things will catch up.”

During her tenure, Saint John took steps to improve Uber’s embattled image, even going as far as to personally work as a driver to better serve customers. Yet, despite her efforts and the shift in company leadership, Uber was riddled with scandals and controversy in 2017 and made little progress in diversifying its workforce. She left after a year.


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Thoroughly predictable, and probably good, symbolic move by Papa Johns.

Schnatter got canned for racially-charged language. What better counter-move than to bring in a well-known woman of color with a notable resume to try to turn things around?


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Ahh, Bozo resurfaces yet again to take the PR lead at another image-floundering company with a half-assed version of their industry's product. I wonder if it irks her even in the slightest that she is basically used for her gender and skin color combination or if she is just that oblivious or full of herself. I have full confidence that she will use her extensive experience from Uber and.... resign in a year to become a talk show host.


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In the words of our great leader, "I know this isn't politically correct," but if people of color want white people too stop using the n word, they should stop using it. I'm sick of hearing black people use that word talking to each other.

I have a very close friend who is black and I've NEVER heard him say it.

As for bozo, she failed miserably at Uber. I sincerely doubt she did shit at Pepsi either.

She and omarosa need to get a cable TV gig. Maybe they should call it "point-actually no point." I'm sure fox would love to sponsor it.


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What did she really change at Uber tho?
Nothing. PR move for Uber, PR move for whatever company she is with now (I believe a movie studio), and PR move for Papa Johns. That's why I used the descriptor "symbolic."

On the bright side, maybe she can teach them how to "think deeply" and "care deeply."


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I’m sure she is receiving an excellent compensation package for restoring the lofty image of Papa John’s. Fellow employees will be fired if they are discovered calling her Bozo. It’s in her contract.

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Pappa john's sells pizza (pretty tasty IMHO)
Selling pizza is already a profitable enterprise so she really just needs to distract the idiots (I mean the american public) until this blows over.

so their spokesperson got canned for saying the N-word...

Can him, apologize, move on... do an ad with Peyton Manning passing off a pizza to Terrell Davis and running it into some random guys house and then spiking the pizza in their living room while a mixed race family looks at them like they are off the wall.

I call it "Delivering diversity"

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wonder if it irks her even in the slightest that she is basically used for her gender and skin color combination

She is paid *megabucks* for being black, female, and very outspoken. Why would it bother her?

Reminds me of the boxer who loses the championship fight. Darn, only get $20 million....