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Relicencing for uber driver in Kent

Discussion in 'Home Counties' started by Pepeko, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Pepeko


    is it a joke?anyone who work in Kent has to 2 week to relicence to Brighton counclil licence.
    How can you do it in 2 weeks?

    THank you Uber!

    STEP 1: English Language Course / ~ £315
    Before applying, you must hold either a GCSE English or ESOL English: Entry Level 2 Certificate. If you do not hold either of these, attend your local college for advice on how to
    obtain one.

    STEP 2: Medical Examination / ~ £80
    You need to complete a Group 2 Medical Check with your GP to demonstrate you are medically fit to drive. Link to medical form:

    STEP 3: 1st Application Appointment with the Council / £151 (£44 DBS + £101 Application fee)
    You need to book an appointment with the council to ensure all your documents have been filled out
    correctly. To book call: 01273 296655.

    STEP 4: BTEC / ~£380
    Next you will need to find a provider that can register you for a BTEC Level 2 in "Introduction to the role of the Professional Taxi & Private Hire Driver". As a guide, Eastleigh College (65 miles away) runs courses starting at £380.

    STEP 5: Pass the Taxi Driving Test / £87
    You will need to book your practical driving test with either: Sussex Blue Lamp Trust - or Sussex Taxi Training (call on
    STEP 6: DBS Submission
    Book your appointment with the council to submit your Enhanced DBS (call: 01273 294429). Bring with you proof of your BTEC Level 2, and the council will book your Knowledge Tests for you.

    STEP 7: Knowledge Tests / £85
    There are 2 verbal tests, and once you have passed these you can book the practical test, where you will drive the examiner to 15 randomly selected destinations using the shortest possible routes. The Private Hire Academy offer a training course (up to 8 weeks classroom access and up to 12 weeks online content access) to help you get prepared for the test.

    STEP 8: Submit Application in full
    Submit your application to the council with any of your outstanding paperwork

    STEP 9: Start driving on the Uber app with your new licence!
    You must collect your badge directly from the Council once issued. Once you have received your licence, come into our office and we will get you set up to drive.
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  2. Fostel


    Driving for uber Ain't worth the hassle...

    Maybe if you choose to do PH long term but still not for UBER.
  3. mods1964


    Its simple get your licence were you Intend to work !! What uber won't tell you, the ending of cross border hiring bill is making its way through the parliamentary Process With all party' support, and in about 12_18 months you will be back to square one with the added risk of you vehicle being to old for Initial licensing !!
  4. Andreas0001


    Not for all Kent.

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