Regular Trips for Uber/GC Drivers


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Hi everyone,

We are a new start up coming up in Singapore, which aims to help Uber/Grabcar drivers to generate a stable income everyday. Targeting customers who want personal drivers without paying them full time salary and the vehicle. We want to connect drivers with regular customers who want to go to work or send their kids to school.

All fares, pick up and drop off locations and even time of pick ups are fixed so you can plan your trips and time wisely. The fares are usually $3-$5 higher than an Uber fare. Our customers understand the commitments on the drivers' part and are willing to pay such premium for a higher level of service provided.

Our top driver earns about 1.3k a month just doing regulars trips with us and not taking into consideration for her Uber earnings.

Take a look at for all the deals, and feel free to contact the office number @9062 7281 or leave a message behind stating your name and the deal you are interested in, we will call you back for details regarding registrations with us!

Step 1. Look for a Deal
Step 2. Contact Us for Confirmation
Step 3. Registration
Step 4. Start Driving with Us :smiles:

Feel Free to contact us for more information and we look forward to hearing from you guys!