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It varies all the time, sometimes it's gas, sometimes it's cash, I've never done it , I mean in any good conscience, how could you keep a straight face and tell someone to go risk everything they have or may ever have to drive for the most exploitive company in the history of the US workforce for pennies. How do you sell someone on the idea to drive for 49 cents a mile and only about half of the miles will they have a rider and be paid ? Anyone that I associate with can translate that into 400 miles = $100 .


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I cant believe the pay would be high because of saturation. They just went through like 3 months of intense recruitment.


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I don't understand people who fall for the referrals. You are basically creating your own competition for what, $150??
Bottom line if you look at my profile I drive in Sf and got over 10 k rides.
Bonuses in sf 1k plus 750 for lyft.
Was going to refer couple old buddies for them to get a bonus with my promo that live inn Orlando.
But since its under 200 not even worth it.

Bottom line no one creating competition. Most people will get their bonus and quit.

The only place you can make good living is SF and NY since they got strong hourly guarantees and strong Power driver plus program.