Referral Fraud


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I have been driving for over 2 years.

I referred a good friend of mine to be an Uber driver. I gave him a IPhone 5 to use, I took him on practice runs and spent a lot of time explaining how Uber works.

Uber has a record of my referral and my friend has made over 100 trips but Uber refuses to pay. This is deliberate fraud. They say my friend did not click on the right link. Uber has all the proof they need but they make an excuse to get out of paying. We've both gone to the Uber office and have sent numerous emails. Uber claims the issue has been resolved, i.e. they don't have to keep their agreement and they don't have to pay us. This is disgraceful!

Next time you see the ad to refer drivers, don't believe it. You might not get paid!


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After escalating the issue, I finally got paid.

There was no reason why Uber should have refused to pay. They had all of the evidence they needed. They hoped that I would just give up and go away and they wouldn't have to pay the $300 to me and $200 to the driver.

It's impossible to escalate an issue with Uber Support. They will refuse to answer your questions about the issue. I sent an email to the West Coast Manager, Will Barnes and I sent a support request to Uber using a different email address.

If you feel you are not being paid for a legitimate issue, don't give up, escalate!