Red White And BOOM! No grunautee?!


Well today is the day... RED WHITE AND BOOM! And Uber isn't offering any guarantees?? I'll be Ubering before but I won't be after just because of the traffic after the event.


Some received it, I did not but a few of my co-workers who drive did. No biggie for me since I had no plans to drive.


Driving during no a gaurentee is dumb. It hardly ever surges and they are hardly ever good gaurentees. It will be 20 dollars before there fees, so really it's only 16 dollars. If you think making 16 dollars an hour before all your expenses is good you are crazy. Gaurenteed are just ubers way of getting a bunch of drivers on the road.


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I drove for a little bit tonight and would have been busy if they had given me the correct pickup addresses. 4 of my 8 pings had the wrong address so I cancelled 3 of the rides with the bad addresses and went home.
Uber is making the driving experience horrible and I have seen a huge drop in the quality of passengers.


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Lyft had their Primetime at 200-300 percent for a while, after red white and boom. But I missed out because of a vomiting first passenger.